MSP-100SFT Mobile on-site Laboratory for Dielectric Glove, Sleeve, Blanket, Hot Sticks and Tools Testing

Mobile laboratory MSP-100SFT is designed for testing of electrical safety PPE (Dielectric Gloves; Boots; Blankets; Mats; Hot Sticks; Dielectric Tools; Voltage and Phase indicators). All standard rubber items can be tested, even class 4.
All equipment is mounted on a trailer, which allows testing in field conditions at remote sites.

45,337.00  netto

High voltage testing system AV-50/70 VLF-ML

  • Set of tools for testing any type of insulation
  • Measurement of leakage currents and protection from breakdown of test objects
  • Integrated discharge system
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Print test reports from your phone or tablet
  • Three-year warranty
  • Cable testing in accordance with VDE, IEC and IEEE-standards
8,440.00  netto

Cable test van KAEL-1 (for small cars)

Cable test van KAEL-1 is designed for high-voltage tests of cable lines or other electric facilities (by high voltage DC/VLF) and for cable fault location in cable lines (up to 22 kV).

36,704.00  netto


High-voltage testing system AV-60-01 for cables with cosine-rectangular voltages works in accordance with VDE, IEC and IEEE-standards.

11,007.00  netto

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