Cable fault location trailer SVPA-10TR designed for cable fault location in LV cable lines.

Cable fault location trailer SVPA-10TR mounted on a small trailer that allows you to use almost any vehicle to transport the system for fault location to the work site.

19,000.00  netto

Cable & Pipe Locator STICK

The Stick Locator is specially designed to detect buried utilities. This device may detect buried power cables, CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, fiber optic cables with sheath, sondes, inspection camera transmitters.


Burning device UD-5

The buring device UD-5 is used for burning faults in LV, teletechnical, control and signal cables, etc.

The device also enables for testing of the cable with of PE or PVC insulation.

3,500.00  netto

LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester

The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is used to diagnose the state of grounding devices, and is intended for measurements in order to determine the impulse resistance of grounding conductors of high-voltage line supports and stand-alone lightning conductors. The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is a portable equipment that generates voltage and current pulses of aperiodic form … Continue reading LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester

3,200.00  netto

KNTR-1 Earth tester

Using the Earth tester “KNTR-1”, it is possible to determine the normalized parameters of the earth, such as: charger resistance, touch voltage, step voltage, coupling resistance, contact connection transient resistance, etc. Also, earth tester KNTR-1 can be used for measuring soil resistance, fault location of cable lines, pipelines, etc.

3,200.00  netto

ATWRM-25M Transformer winding resistance meter

ATWRM-25M provides the ability to fully automatically measure the resistance of the windings of single-phase and three-phase power transformers with tap changers.

10,200.00  netto

ATTI-TP Transformer characteristics meter

  • Characteristics measurement of single-phase and three-phase transformers
  • Express diagnostic of current and voltage instrument transformer
  • Diagnostic of transformer with power-system protection
10,200.00  netto

ADTR-2K Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set

The Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan delta &Resistivity Test set, (Model ADTR) is an instrument designed to measure three important parameters of an insulating medium.

  • measurement of the tangent of the angle of dielectric losses, dielectric constant and specific volumetric electric resistance of transformer oil
  • measuring cylindrical vessel, three electrode type
  • complete automation of measurement according to DSTU 6581-75, IEC-60247-2004, ASTM-D924-03, AS-1767.1-1999, BS-148-1998, JIS-C2101-1999, ASTM-D1169-02, IEC 61620
12,200.00  netto

Oil test set ABO

ABO test devices are designed for testing the dielectric strength of insulating fluids.

They are perfect for testing mineral and synthetic oils.

The said devices are applied in company laboratories which deal with manufacturing, operation or service of transformers, oil circuitbreakers,
transformers and capacitors.

6,250.00  netto

Rectifier system D-140-2

The Rectifier system D-140-2  is designed for working together with a high-voltage source up to 100kV. The Rectifier system D-140-2 consists of a high-voltage diode VD-140, high-voltage divider D-140-2, which with a discharge bar and a resistor limiting the current P-140. The set includes insulation racks for mounting the VD-140 diode and the P-140 resistor.

1,900.00  netto

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