Measurement equipment

Measurement devices for measuring different parameters of electrotechnical equipment.

PKOP-100 kilovoltmeter and leakege current meter

  • Measurement of the total leaked current of the Surge Arresters and its active component at AC voltage.
  • Measurement of the active component of the current of the Surge Arresters, without grounding the Surge Arresters and disconnecting it from the bus-bar.
  • Measurement of the current of protective arresters at constant voltage.


The Pathfinder Precision Locating System is ideal for congested locates in crowded easements, long runs of pipe and cable, as well as basic service drops.
This simple, accurate and affordable locator is designed for those committed to protecting buried infrastructure.


Cable & Pipe Fault Locator STICK&STAFF

The Stick&Staff Locator is specially designed to detect buried utilities. This device may detect buried power cables, CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, fiber optic cables with sheath, sondes, inspection camera transmitters. The Stick&Staff – directional fault finding system.


LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester

The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is used to diagnose the state of grounding devices, and is intended for measurements in order to determine the impulse resistance of grounding conductors of high-voltage line supports and stand-alone lightning conductors. The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is a portable equipment that generates voltage and current pulses of aperiodic form … Continue reading LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester


KNTR-1 Earth tester

Using the Earth tester “KNTR-1”, it is possible to determine the normalized parameters of the earth, such as: charger resistance, touch voltage, step voltage, coupling resistance, contact connection transient resistance, etc. Also, earth tester KNTR-1 can be used for measuring soil resistance, fault location of cable lines, pipelines, etc.

5,460.00  netto

ATWRM-25M Transformer winding resistance meter

  • Measurement of the active resistance in the range from 1 μ Ω to 1000 Ω with an accuracy of 0.5%
  • Three measuring inputs for simultaneous measurement of transformer windings
  • Built-in current source – 0.02 … 25A with a power of 1000 W
  • Discharge of accumulated energy after the measurements
  • Automatic demagnetization of the transformer core
  • Temperature determination at the time of switching off the transformer from the load
  • Checking the branch switches under load (TVR)

ATTI-TP Transformer characteristics meter

  • Characteristics measurement of single-phase and three-phase transformers
  • Express diagnostic of current and voltage instrument transformer
  • Diagnostic of transformer with power-system protection

ADTR-2K Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set

The Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan delta &Resistivity Test set, (Model ADTR) is an instrument designed to measure three important parameters of an insulating medium.

  • measurement of the tangent of the angle of dielectric losses, dielectric constant and specific volumetric electric resistance of transformer oil
  • measuring cylindrical vessel, three electrode type
  • complete automation of measurement according to DSTU 6581-75, IEC-60247-2004, ASTM-D924-03, AS-1767.1-1999, BS-148-1998, JIS-C2101-1999, ASTM-D1169-02, IEC 61620

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