Measurement equipment

Measurement devices for measuring different parameters of electrotechnical equipment.

ATWRM-25M Transformer winding resistance meter

ATWRM-25M provides the ability to fully automatically measure the resistance of the windings of single-phase and three-phase power transformers with tap changers.

10,200.00  netto

ATTI-TP Transformer characteristics meter

  • Characteristics measurement of single-phase and three-phase transformers
  • Express diagnostic of current and voltage instrument transformer
  • Diagnostic of transformer with power-system protection
10,200.00  netto

ADTR-2K Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set

The Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan delta &Resistivity Test set, (Model ADTR) is an instrument designed to measure three important parameters of an insulating medium.

  • measurement of the tangent of the angle of dielectric losses, dielectric constant and specific volumetric electric resistance of transformer oil
  • measuring cylindrical vessel, three electrode type
  • complete automation of measurement according to DSTU 6581-75, IEC-60247-2004, ASTM-D924-03, AS-1767.1-1999, BS-148-1998, JIS-C2101-1999, ASTM-D1169-02, IEC 61620
12,200.00  netto

Oil test set ABO

ABO test devices are designed for testing the dielectric strength of insulating fluids.

They are perfect for testing mineral and synthetic oils.

The said devices are applied in company laboratories which deal with manufacturing, operation or service of transformers, oil circuitbreakers,
transformers and capacitors.

6,250.00  netto

Power transformer parameters meter К540-3

Power transformer parameters meter К540-3 designed to perform of electromagnetic tests of transformers of all circuits and vector groups.

3,750.00  netto

Oil breakdown voltage tester UIM-90

UIM-90 devices for testing breakdown voltage of oil. UIM-9 test devices are designed for testing the dielectric strength of insulating fluids. They are perfect for testing mineral and synthetic oils.

3,500.00  netto

Oil tan delta meter Tangens-3M-3 

Oil tan delta meter Tangens-3M-3 is ­designed for measuring the dielectric loss tangent of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics.

4,900.00  netto
Sale! Micro-Milli Ohmmeter MMO-40 -18%

Micro-Milli Ohmmeter MMO-40

Micro-Milli Ohmmeter MMO-40 is designed to measure the circuit resistance of various components of electric equipment completely de-energized in a wide range of measured value.

1,960.00  1,600.00  netto

Dielectric loss meter IDP-10

Dielectric loss meter IDP-10 is designed for measuring parameters of isolation, dielectric loss tangent tgδ and capacity of high-voltage insulation C for maintenance, repair, adjustment, testing various energy facilities both at the point of installation, and in laboratories as well as for measuring the dielectric loss tangent and capacitance different insulating materials.

8,439.00  netto

High-potential AC and DC milliammeter ITV-140R

High-potential AC and DC milliammeter series ITV-140R designed to measure DC and AC sinusoidal current with frequency of 50-60 Hz, under the potential of up to 140 kV.

1,213.00  netto

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