VLF cable testing system AV-50/70 VLF

The VLF cable testing system AV-50/70 VLF is suitable for testing high voltage power cable insulation and solid dielectrics rectified voltage (DC) value to 70 kV, as well as samples of solid dielectrics sinusoidal voltage (AC) value of 50 kV at a frequency of 50 Hz and the test voltage with a frequency of 0.01 – 0.1 Hz to 45 kV for voltage testing of cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) cables according to VDE standards. IEC and IEEE

In particular, for testing the cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE).

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Power transformer parameters meter К540-3

Power transformer parameters meter К540-3 designed to perform of electromagnetic tests of transformers of all circuits and vector groups.

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Oil breakdown voltage tester UIM-90

UIM-90 devices for testing breakdown voltage of oil. UIM-9 test devices are designed for testing the dielectric strength of insulating fluids. They are perfect for testing mineral and synthetic oils.

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High current testing device HCTD-10M (10kA)

High current testing device HCTD-10M designed for testing ampere-second characteristics of circuit breakers by AC current at 50 Hz frequency up to 10 kA.

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An fully automatic diagnostic bench for performing dielectric tests on personal protective equipment MSPA-40-6 is a modern device for examining electrical insulating protective gloves, shoes and boots, incl. firemen’s footwear.

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DGT-2 Glove inflator

Compressor glove inflator are used to visual inspect insulating gloves for mechanical damage (snag, holes, pinches, cuts or other physical defects), chemical damage (softening of the rubber if exposed to petroleum base products) and corona damage.

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MSP-100SF Laboratory for Electrical Safety PPE Testing

The high voltage stand MSP-100S is designed for testing of electrical safety PPE (Dielectric Gloves; Boots; Blankets; Mats; Hot Sticks; Dielectric Tools; Voltage and Phase indicator). All standard rubber goods can be tested, even class 4.

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MSP-100S Dielectric Glove, Sleeve, Blanket, Hot Sticks and Tools Tester

The high voltage stand MSP-100S is designed for testing of electrical safety PPE (Dielectric Gloves, Boots, Blankets, Mats, Hot Sticks and Tools). All standard rubber goods can be tested, even class 4.

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SzS-20 Cabinet for drying gloves, boots and sleeves

· Simultaneous drying up to 20 gloves.
· Microcontroller adjustment and temperature control.
· Drying time 20 gloves up to 40 minutes.
· Power consumption up to 4kW

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Route location receiver AP-019.3

Digital cable locator featuring our newest receiver AP-019.3 with integrated GPS/GLONASS module.

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