PKOP-100 kilovoltmeter and leakege current meter

  • Measurement of the total leaked current of the Surge Arresters and its active component at AC voltage.
  • Measurement of the active component of the current of the Surge Arresters, without grounding the Surge Arresters and disconnecting it from the bus-bar.
  • Measurement of the current of protective arresters at constant voltage.
2,477.00  netto

GWM-1 Washing machine for gloves and sleeves

Washing machine for gloves and sleeves GWM-1 is designed to wash rubber goods before electric testing

6,018.00  netto

Meter of power transformer parameters К-540-4P

Meter of power transformer parameters К-540-4P measures single-phase and three-phase transformers:

  • transformation ratio measurement;
  • determination of connection groups (three-phase transformer windings) and terminal polarity (single phase transformers);
  • current and idling loss measurement;
  • short-circuit resistance measurement.
2,865.00  netto


Insulator cover testing stands CTS-2 and CTS-3 are used to test covers  up to 40 kV.
According to ASTM F712.

2,115.00  netto

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