High voltage divider RD-140

DC and AC high voltage divider RD-140 (kilovoltmeter) is designed to measure AC sinusoidal voltage (from 0 to 100 kV, 50 Hz) and DC voltage (from 0 to 140 kV).

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Insulating mats testing stand IMT-40

Insulating mats testing stand IMT-40.

According standards IEC 61111 and ASTM D1048

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Reflectometer ISKRA-4

High-voltage oscillographic reflectometer ISKRA-4 is designed for distance fault locations of communication and power supply cables by methods TDR, ARC, ICE, Decay.

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VLF generator AV-45-0,1

The high voltage VLF device AV-45-0,1 is designed for use as an add-on to high-voltage test device (eg. AV-50/70;  AV-50/70RP, HVTD-70/50D) or any suitable AC high voltage source for obtaining the test voltage with frequency of 0,1; 0,05 and 0,01 Hz at capacitive objects with capacity from 0,1 µF to 3 µF (depending on the high-voltage source).

In particular, for testing the cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE).

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