Oil testing

Oil breakdown voltage tester OT-90

  • Oil testing – up to 90kV;
  • Testing in accordance with IEC-60156;
  • Measuring of both mineral and synthetic oils;
  • Safety interlock – to prevent inadvertent power connection when the cover is open;
  • Ergonomic design facilitates proper conducting of the test;
  • Automatic calculation of average measurement values and standard deviation;
  • Remote control from computer, saving of results and printing of reports.
5,600.00  netto

ADTR-2K Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set

The Automatic Dielectric Constant, Tan delta &Resistivity Test set, (Model ADTR) is an instrument designed to measure three important parameters of an insulating medium.

  • measurement of the tangent of the angle of dielectric losses, dielectric constant and specific volumetric electric resistance of transformer oil
  • measuring cylindrical vessel, three electrode type
  • complete automation of measurement according to DSTU 6581-75, IEC-60247-2004, ASTM-D924-03, AS-1767.1-1999, BS-148-1998, JIS-C2101-1999, ASTM-D1169-02, IEC 61620
12,764.00  netto

Oil tan delta meter Tangens-3M-3 

Oil tan delta meter Tangens-3M-3 is ­designed for measuring the dielectric loss tangent of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics.

4,577.00  netto

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