High voltage testing VLF

High voltage testing VLF devices for cable lines and other electrotechnical equipment


• Easy to operate
• AC, DC and sheath testing in one single system
• Integrated discharge system
The device AV-20-01 is designed for testing medium voltage cables up to 10 kV with insulation of all types.
VLF method is now recognizable by the Power Industry (and is recommended by the IEEE) for testing of XLPE and FPR cables AV-20-01 cable testing for voltages in the voltage range up to and including 20kV with a maximum length of 12Km.

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The VLF test generator AV-45-01T  is designed for testing of XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC power cables, etc. VLF or DC voltage according to VDE, IEC and IEEE standards.
In contrast to the AV-45-01, AV-45-01T has a built-in high-voltage source and can be used as a stand-alone device.
The device is mobile, but it can also be installed in a car, for example when modernizing old cable test vans.

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VLF cable testing system AV-50/70 VLF

The VLF cable testing system AV-50/70 VLF is suitable for testing high voltage power cable insulation and solid dielectrics rectified voltage (DC) value to 70 kV, as well as samples of solid dielectrics sinusoidal voltage (AC) value of 50 kV at a frequency of 50 Hz and the test voltage with a frequency of 0.01 – 0.1 Hz to 45 kV for voltage testing of cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) cables according to VDE standards. IEC and IEEE

In particular, for testing the cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE).

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VLF generator AV-45-0,1

The high voltage VLF device AV-45-0,1 is designed for use as an add-on to high-voltage test device (eg. AV-50/70;  AV-50/70RP, HVTD-70/50D) or any suitable AC high voltage source for obtaining the test voltage with frequency of 0,1; 0,05 and 0,01 Hz at capacitive objects with capacity from 0,1 µF to 3 µF (depending on the high-voltage source).

In particular, for testing the cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE).

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