Earth testing

LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester

The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is used to diagnose the state of grounding devices, and is intended for measurements in order to determine the impulse resistance of grounding conductors of high-voltage line supports and stand-alone lightning conductors. The Lightning Protection Tester LPT-1 is a portable equipment that generates voltage and current pulses of aperiodic form … Continue reading LPT-1 Lightning Protection Tester

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KNTR-1 Earth tester

Using the Earth tester “KNTR-1”, it is possible to determine the normalized parameters of the earth, such as: charger resistance, touch voltage, step voltage, coupling resistance, contact connection transient resistance, etc. Also, earth tester KNTR-1 can be used for measuring soil resistance, fault location of cable lines, pipelines, etc.

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