Surge generators and burndown units

Surge generators (also known as thumpers or bangers) and burndown units are mainly used by electricity supply or distribution companies for the location of cable faults in power cable networks.

Burning device UD-5

The buring device UD-5 is used for burning faults in LV, teletechnical, control and signal cables, etc.

The device also enables for testing of the cable with of PE or PVC insulation.

3,500.00  netto

Surge Generator ADG-200-2

Designed to finding high resistance faults using ARM, ICE methods in complex with reflectometr, significantly enhances their ability to detect defects with high resistance , beyond the localization of low-voltage TDR method.

  • Completely self-powered;
  • Small size: 520*320*300 mm – set free fits in the trunk of a car;
  • Light weight – 26 kg
6,790.00  netto

Fault location system SVPA

Fault location system SVPA designed for fault location in cable lines and includes the powerful burndown unit and surge generator.

7,661.00  netto

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