Cable fault location equipment

Cable fault location equipment: surge generators, transmitters, universal receivers, reflectometers, compact sectionalizers and fault locators

Cable & Pipe Locator STICK

The Stick Locator is specially designed to detect buried utilities. This device may detect buried power cables, CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, fiber optic cables with sheath, sondes, inspection camera transmitters.


Burning device UD-5

The buring device UD-5 is used for burning faults in LV, teletechnical, control and signal cables, etc.

The device also enables for testing of the cable with of PE or PVC insulation.

3,500.00  netto

Reflectometer TDR-109

TDR-109 is a high-precision 3-channel digital reflectometer designed to determine the distances to all types of faults in the power cable lines: open, short, sleeve, cable splice, parallel branches, wet cable, high-resistance faults, intermittent breakdown and etc.

TDR-109 provides the following measurement methods:

  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR);
  • Arc-Reflection;
  • Oscillatory discharge (ICM, Decay);
4,073.00  netto

Surge Generator ADG-200-2

Designed to finding high resistance faults using ARM, ICE methods in complex with reflectometr, significantly enhances their ability to detect defects with high resistance , beyond the localization of low-voltage TDR method.

  • Completely self-powered;
  • Small size: 520*320*300 mm – set free fits in the trunk of a car;
  • Light weight – 26 kg
6,790.00  netto

Refractometer TDR RI-407

TDR RI-407 is intended for the following measurements on power cable lines:

  • cable length measurement and cable integrity tests;
  • measurement of the distance to the heterogeneity of the cable impedance or low-resistance fault, using TDR method;
  • measurement of the distance to the high-resistance fault, using the Arc Reflection Method (ARM) in complex with the high-voltage pulse generator (HVPG);
  • measurement of the distance to the high-resistance fault, using the Impulse Current Method (ICM) or Decay Method in complex with the high-voltage pulse generator (HVPG);
  • measurement of the velocity factor of the line at a known length
4,518.00  netto

Route location receiver AP-019.3

Digital cable locator featuring our newest receiver AP-019.3 with integrated GPS/GLONASS module.

2,200.00  netto

Metal and non-metal pipeline locator Success TPT-522N

The most advanced locating kit Metal and non-metal pipeline locator Success TPT-522N combining the functions of three devices: cable locator, water leak detector, non-metal pipe locator. Features AP-027 receiver, powerful transmitter and special impact device for the detection of non-metal pipelines.

3,557.00  netto

Fault location system SVPA

Fault location system SVPA designed for fault location in cable lines and includes the powerful burndown unit and surge generator.

7,661.00  netto

Transmitter GDCz-2500

Audio-frequency generator (transmitter) GDCz-2500 is designed to search the damage places of power cable lines.

1,993.00  netto

Cable and pipe locator Success AG-319N

High tech kit Cable and pipe locator Success AG-319N with multi-frequency transmitter for buried utilities detection in the difficult conditions. Standard set includes receiver АP-019.1 and transmitter АG-120.

3,869.00  netto

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