High Voltage Testing Device HVTD-70/50D

The Testing Device HVTD-70/50D is designed for testing the insulation of power cables (6, 10, 15, 20, 35 kV) with DC voltage up to 70 kV. Testing of cable armour (shielding). Testing of solid dielectrics with AC sine-wave voltage up to 50 kV.

4,440.00  netto

Oil breakdown voltage tester OT-90BA

  • Oil testing – up to 90kV;
  • Testing in accordance with IEC-60156;
  • Measuring of both mineral and synthetic oils;
  • Safety interlock – to prevent inadvertent power connection when the cover is open;
  • Ergonomic design facilitates proper conducting of the test;
  • Automatic calculation of average measurement values and standard deviation;
  • Remote control from computer, saving of results and printing of reports.
  • Autonomous operation from the built-in battery up to 8 hours.

High current testing device HCTD-20M (20kA)

High current testing device HCTD-20M designed for testing ampere-second characteristics of circuit breakers by AC current at 50 Hz frequency up to 20 kA.


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